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Happiness exists in you and you should focus your efforts on yourself.

Dr Aid al-Qarni

Welcome to my page

Im Patrice- Danielle, 34 year old mama to 4 incredible young men, preparing to marry my soulmate and super passionate about coaching women!!!!

I have been through many many life experiences that have had a profound impact over my life. From abuse to infidelity, to being a teen single mum to being minutes from death. I have faced and battled, but most importantly, i have healed!

I no longer wanted to feel bound and live a bound life. I wanted to move forward with my life and create a life i want, in the way i want it. I would not be where i am today if i had not taken the time to heal myself from my past, come to terms with things, forgive and move forward. I was a woman with zero self esteem, a million fears, no confidence, stuck in depression. Today i am a confident, happy, self loving mother and soon to be wife running my own business and living my best life!!!!

So what exactly can i do for you?

Im a realist and although you want to know a bit about me, im sure you really want to know how i can help you……

Have you been hurt in a past relationship and are struggling to move past it?

Are you holding back from moving on in love because of fear or resentment?

Do you need help to move on from a toxic relationship?

Do you need help to set boundaries for your relationships?

Are you struggling with self love and want to build yourself up?

I work with clients who want to drop the excess baggage and keep it moving in the right direction!

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together to start leaving the past exactly where it belongs scroll down and book a FREE clarity call with me directly.

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