Bumps and humps

We have all been there at some point in time.  Things appear to be going great for a while but then it all of a sudden comes to a grinding halt and we come up against obstacles and major opposition.  For some people like me i would literally be waiting for the bump in the road to arrive, as i had been meeting it so often.  I began expecting it to happen and in a subconscious way i was almost willing it to happen.  You see when we expect negativity we may as well be opening the door and inviting it in.  

Although we all know that unexpected obstacles can come around, its PREPARING and equipping yourself for those times to come.  If we wake up every day and EXPECT positivity and great things then that is what we are inviting in.

I suppose the question now is so what happens when you are positive and negative things still decide to come and fool around with you.  This is where preparation, reflection and growth comes in.  Once you put these elements into your life routine you will be much better equipped to handle the bumps.  If you have in your mind that these bumps are necessary and a part of growth (despite them being ansnoying and sometimes very painful) then you WILL succeed in moving past it relatively unscaved.


Throughout my own life, i never implemented any of the above which i have written.  No prep, no reflection and certainly limited growth.  I was continually making the same mistakes again and again because i was not focusing on getting my mind in the correct place.  I was dwelling, i was wallowing, i was stuck.  And if im honest with you i was doing that to myself.  If i had decided to change my though process, and focus my energy on building a positive energy around me i would have avoided many pitfalls.


Dont get me wrong im greatful to God for my low moments because they have shaped me into the person i am becoming today.  If i hadnt known the pain i endure i would have no idea how to relate to others in similar circumstances, that im involved in supporting and motivating now!  So im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan behind all of the negative experiences.


I can recall crying out to God in anger and frustration as to why he was making me endure a lengthy and very stressfull custody court battle with my ex partner.  It spanned a total of 10 years!  and was one if the darkest periods in my entire life so far.  I was confused as to why on earth God would give me such an amazing gift (my son) and then allow him to be removed from my care by his father through lies and all for the purpose of revenge.  I had to endure humiliating moments in court, being scrutinised by social services, Cafcass officers, court officials, schools etc for years. I lost precious time with my son when he was forced to live with his father (who he barely knew) and had to fight tooth and nail to have him returned home to me.  I felt like giving up more times than i could count.  I contemplated doing things which were very sinful, i was just under immense pressure at the time.  

Despite me feeling so alone God knew my pain.  He knew my path and when he was going to end my suffering.  I was at my lowest point and attended a church recommeneded to me by a friend.  I had moved to a new area for a fresh start.  My son was back in my care at this moment but my ex was fighting to have him returned and the courts were 90% on his side throughout the proceedings.  

I went to church on Sunday and cried out to God and left ALL of my baggage and tears at that alter.  That week i just spent so much time in prayer surrendering my issue over to God.  My court case was on the following Friday.

And yes you guessed it the ALMIGHTY turned it around! Completely 360 turn.  I was overwhelmed. My court case ended at the end of 2013 completely. 


I use this example for myself now to rememeber where i have come from and that i have endured alot of hardships in my life, but more importantly i have overcome them and im still overcoming them.  I now wake up with a positive mindset.  I try to speak positively about my life, my ventures and myself.  I make a concious effort to distance myself from negative people and things that are brain numbing or pointless.  Im focused now because i reflect on my life daily, and i put things into place to adjust things to how they work positively for me.  I WILL NOT be defined my my past circumstances, and i WIL NOT be a slave to my past.  


Take every day as a new opportunity to grow, build and make positivity reign in your life.  It does not matter what happened 2 days ago or 20 years ago.  You CAN still move forward and be a better you.


Be Inspired x