Leave the door closed

Have you ever wondered why you continue to find yourself in the SAME situations time after time?  Do you feel like your life is a re-run episode? Are you just simply fed up of the way someone treats you or the energy they surround you with?


The title is your solution.  Leave the door closed and stop trying to re-open them.  We all learn the hard way that Jah is protecting us from people and situations, but it is a process.  We have all had someone in our lives that has left our life for one reason or another and time has moved on, yet we find ourselves inviting that person back in knowing fully well its counter productive and toxic. **SIGH**

They could be an ex partner, friend, co-worker, or even a family member.  


Jah has this amazing way of removing us from harmful situations even if, to us it seems confusing.  Imagine you have a friend that you have known for years, and out of nowhere you fall out randomly.  You have no idea why these situations occur but the reality is Jah is removing them for your benefit!  You then go ahead and try to resolve the situation and resume your relationship.  However all the things that the person negatively brought to the table is very visable to you now.

 Oh yeah now you notice the atmosphere change when that person is around you.  You notice the negative content of their conversations and the fruitless point.  You notice their company and their lifestyle is not appealing to you.  Jah is showing you the exact reasons why that person was removed from your life.  


I can recall years ago praying and asking Jah to renew my life.  I wanted to be whole, i wanted to be free from any rubbish in my life.  I asked Jah to reveal to me anyone that was not meant to be in my life, and anyone who did not mean me any good. Following my prayers, Jah spoke to me in 2 seperate dreams both giving me clues as to the changes I needed to make.  I was stunned to say the least and at first could not understand why Jah would highlight these particular people to me, but I had to trust.   After all I prayed and asked him to do something for me, so I couldnt then turn away when I didnt get the answers I expected or wanted!  I had to let those people go.

 Sometimes we do not understand, but we need to trust that everything Jah reveals to us to do is for our benefit.  Some journeys are not meant to accomodate certain passengers!  There are certain places that you are going that those people will not be of benefit to you.  On the other hand its also important to remember that, some people and interactions are only for a season!


Sometimes we meet and come across people that enter our lives for a period of time and then Jah will remove them.  Not necessarily for a negative reason but because they have fulfilled their purpose in your life as Jah intended.  If you find this is the case then just leave it closed and let Jah work.


Its not always easy.  In my younger days I would continually keep doors open and re-open doors only to be hurt or worse. I allowed emotions, bloodline, other people and time length to get in my way of progress the way that Jah had intended.  With time, and faith increase I have learned and am still learning to leave doors well and truly closed.  I have learnt to pray and consult Jah before I make decisions that impact on my life or could interfere with my purpose.


Remember that not everyone is FOR you.  Not every smile represents a genuine heart.  Not every word of encouragement comes form a positive place!  People are very good actors and amazing haters. People you could have known for many years and consider a close friend is secretly behind your back hating on your progress or ambition.  Secretly mocking you for 'thinking too much of yourself'.  Trust me we all have those people lurking around us LOL


This is why I encourage you to let Jah speak into your life and dictate your circle.  Let Jah guide you and if he closes a door for your own protection please stop trying to force it open.  It closed for a reason, that you may not see right away but I promise you will see it later down the line.

Just trust and believe.


Be Inspired