Love the skin your in

We watch TV of  models, actresses, artists, musicians, reality stars and we can develop a type of envy and longing to be more like them and less like ourselves.  Why?  Because as women and men in this day and age we are constantly bombarded with media and false images of what we are SUPPOSED to look like!  Get real!  Who decides whats beautiful or not?  The best body shape? Best eyebrow shape? Best weight?  

The truth is that God never intended for us to all look, be or feel the same.  We are all uniquely made by God in the way that God wanted to see us.  Why should it matter if man disagrees with the fact that we are ALL beautiful, and acceptable to God.  

Every man or woman was not created to be the same.  Do not feel guilty or inadequate for not fitting into the boxes created by man.  Instead focus on fitting into that box that God has designed specifically for you and only for you.  Wouldnt you prefer to have an assignment over your life and be different from all the rest of society.  And as the best reward you are following God in the process.


Many of us have so much self hatred, lack of self esteem and lack of confidence.  This may be due to our past experiences, our circle, childhood or lifestyle.  

I remember having zero confidence after leaving a Domestic Abuse relationship.  The man had sucked all of my confidece from me and put me down no end.

But God saved me and reminded me that i am beautiful, i am bold, i am no longer lacking because in him i have an abundace of everything.


Love the skin that your in.  Embrace it and nurture it. 


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