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Happy new year!!!! It’s finally here the start of a new year, which always signifies another opportunity to change, improve, fulfill and deliver all the things I planned to do in 2017.

Last year I had many New Years resolutions such as going to the gym, eating right etc and I didn’t manage to maintain them. So this year I’ve ditched the whole “new year new me” cliche.  This year I’m simply doing. 


Last year taught me so much about myself. I gained a real understanding of myself and how strong as a woman I actually am. I’ve managed to overcome so much in life, I’ve maintained a fight attitude whenever things have got tough, most of all I’ve maintained my faith and trust in The most high! 

Although I may not be a regular church goer or post endless religious quotes in social media my relationship with the most high is unwavering.  I’ve got dealt some awful hands, had to endure some testing moments but I’ve also had some of the most beautiful moments in my life this year.

Discovering who I was led me to my fiancé who has shown me that not all men are the same, that I am deserving of the best and most royal treatment and who loves me just as much with my headscarf, wig or natural hair on. My best friend. I’m completely blessed. 


I’m excited for this coming year. Excited to find out even more about myself, to living my best life, to experinencing am abundance of love and light. Watching the babies that God entrusted to me grow another year. 


It’s gonna be a great year of growth, empowerment and movements.


She inspires ❤️