Teenager alert

I am in such a confused state right now.  Im being faced with emotional outbursts, cheeky back talk, an overwhelming need for independence, oh and an enormous increase in food intake.  I am months away from being the proud mother of a teenager!!!

When my eldest son was born I had this naive thought in my mind that he would stay a baby forever and I could never imagine him even reaching to primary school age.  I remember saying to my mum that I could never see him reach 5.  It was just impossible for me to imagine. The day he was born i fell in crazy love instantly.  Fast forward 12 years and i'm here in confusion as to how we made it here so quickly. Sigh.....


A week ago I decided that it was time for me to really start spending one on one time outside the home as a high priority.  I have 4 children and the youngest being almost two means im extremely busy and one to one time is often hard to manage.  So I get this bright idea and decide after hearing my son mention he wanted to watch Ride Along 2, that cinema on a friday night, just the two of us would be ideal. So I keenly booked tickets smiling to myself thinking he will be excited.

Fats forward to friday.  I tell him that we are going out tonight.  I was then barraged with about 50 questions to try and figure out my surprise.  I kept it as a surprise, told him to be ready by 6pm and drove to the movies.  

The drive consisted of me talking to myself on the journey as his face was buried in his mobile phone LOL.  So we arrive and I suggest we link arms.... and the look of horror and disgust that formed on his face was truly a sight.  I was gently patted on my shoulder and told ''no mum i cant do that, i've got a reputation to keep up''.   I genuinely didn't know what to say, because he was so serious too.


We watched the movie and had a great laugh together, but exiting the movies i was encountered with my child walking very slowly behind me as though i was a stranger.  

I mean i thought i looked ok, i had made an effort to look trendy LOL.


All in all we had a great night and i achieved my purpose to spend time with him alone and we had a laugh in the process.  I guess its just seeing my 'baby' growing up too fast right before my eyes.  Im struggling to process this stage of life with him at this awkward stage, but I hope it will get easier? or at least I will get used to it?  Either way its happening and I just gotta roll with it and remember i've got this stage to do x4!!!!


Prayers for sanity please send them my way.