The Power of YOU

There is nothing worse than self doubt to kill our dreams.  We spend a lot of our time doubting the things we want to achieve! We can spend so much time making up reasons why we can't do something instead of using that time and energy to actually make movements to achieve what we want. 

At the age of 29 I felt that started my own community organisation supporting and empowering families in need. I had a personal deep rooted desire to help families, mainly due to my own situations I came out of. Before starting I felt like I was not equipped to even offer support let alone start a business. What was I afraid of? 

Failing, being mocked, doubters, not being good enough to do what my mind wanted to do!  Having been in a domestic violence relationship and being mentally and physically abused daily, I was called the most awful names and told that I had no worth. As anyone who has endured mental abuse, after a time it starts to take root in your mind and that's what you believe. It takes time to rebuild confidence about yourself and your abilities.

For a number of years I sat on my ideas and kept a lid on it. It was when I started a job as a Family Support worker and began speaking to families and supporting them beyond my job description, that my ideas and dreams started to resurface. The feedback from the parents I spoke to was amazing. I left that job, I was pregnant with my last child and I sat at my laptop and I started my organisation. 

I worked my arse off. Days and nights all rolled into one for me because my hunger for it fuelled me. My confidence grew massively and I found myself putting myself forward to give presentations at various places. My story I shared with many others who left inspired. I was born to do it. The work was hard but the satisfaction I felt knowing that I alone had built FAMILY-360 from scratch single handed was well worth it. I didn't care what people thought or wanted to say. I certainly didn't care what the inner me had to say either! 

I had to balance my inner voices and tell myself that I could do it. Tell myself that I'm more than capable. I feel so accomplished knowing that I managed to do that alone, being a full time mother and being pregnant too! 

Although I have had to regroup and reevaluate my organisation, just due to my own growth and the direction I now want it to go, my passion is still strong. I now know that I have no limits or boundaries to my abilities.

Every goal I have for the next year and beyond I will make happen because I believe in ME and the POWER that's within ME! 

Nothing and nobody will take that from me!

Each of us has our calling over our life. You have to tap in and find yours. What is your passion. Ask yourself that without giving any reasons why you couldn't do that. There is always a way. 

Age, sex, weight, experience, education, being a parent etc ...... NOT EXCUSES!!! There is always a way. 

My calling is simple. I have been through a lot of many different life altering events. I used to question why me? When will I catch a break?

Now I say why not me, it could only be me. I'm equipped for this. I endured my years of events, because now I am building my business to inspire, support and uplift others. My story will change and has changed lives!  I love what I do and it makes me feel satisfied. I love to use my pain to give others a sense of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

It's not always easy but focus on finding that power in YOU. Nobody else can give you what you need. It's already in YOU♥

Be inspired ♥