I have been slack with my writing for the past few months which is really bad, not solely for you my lovely readers, but for me! I find writing a very therapeutic exercise. I get to chat as much or as little as I want (well not chat, write, but you see where I’m going) and speak whatever is on my mind! 


I was thinking to divulge why I haven’t been on my blog in such a long time but then I thought I don’t think people want to read for hours on end about my dramas, so I will break different scenarios down bit by bit and hope that it brings you some form of inspiration, hope, a smile, I dunno just something🖤


I was thinking today about the things I have been going through lately. 

One thing about me is that I can have a temper on me, not a flip out, 0-100 kinda temper but push my buttons with the wrong finger and it’s a wrap. There is always going to be one subject that will push my buttons (with any finger) and that is my amazing children!  I’m sure that any parent has that same lioness/cub🦁 instinct when it comes to their babies.

Aside from that I can normally switch off the anger (after a whole heap of deep breathing, a lengthy prayer and talk with my people).

Lately I’ve been finding myself in situations where my patience is being tested and my anger has been trying to emerge. 

People messing around with my children, my freedom and my career, is enough to push someone’s buttons. Now I’m a firm believer in once a relationship is over and there are children involved, they are the sole concern and should be for both parties. However in my circumstances that’s far from the case. ( I’m in the process of writing this particular lengthy, drama filled, chapter for my book at the moment!) 

Anyway while I was in a reflective mode one day amidst all this drama I had to have a conversation with myself. 

Despite having my shameful, manipulative, lying, disgraceful, ungrateful (gosh I could really build an extensive list for this dude) ex partner and his latest... (trying to be nice and pick the right words for this creature, I mean female haha) ‘partner’, attempting to not only defame my character, and separate me from my children with pathetic lies 🙄, and thinking it is appropriate to discipline my son 😡😡 (HUGE NO NO).... I thought to myself are these two twits actually worth my energy?


Short answer is no. Initially I justified getting angry every time either of their names were mentioned, or seeing their wicked faces in the street. But then I had to reason with myself that anger is an emotion, I should not be having ANY emotion to these people whatsoever! 

I’m actually allowing them to wind me up and that’s not cool. 

I had to remember teachings from childhood which I’m sure you’ve heard or been taught...



“Everything done in dark will come to light”

“Karma is a bi*ch”

“Liars never prosper”

“A nuh everyting soak up wataa a sponge”

“Cock mouth kill cock”


Patience is truly a virtue, and to have patience in the midst of storms shows a great character trait in my opinion!


You see in life there are always going to be people who think they know you and want to try you. It could be due to a fear of you, jealousy, envy, hatred etc.  The thing to remember and put into practice is that if someone is irrelevant in your life why allow them the privilege of a part of your emotion. Sometimes the greatest power you can show to someone is turning away and keep shining, handle what you need to handle and keep it moving.


When you feel like your getting too irate over someone who is not important or their actions look around you and realise your blessings. Life is great. Everyone has their day and has to provide explanations for their actions to the most high! 


Be inspired 🖤