This week i was feeling unwell and kind of sorry for myself in the process.  You know how when you feel unwell and you have kids to look after, house to clean, dinner to cook, clothes to wash....it just all seems extremly overwhelming.  So in the midst of doing my mummy duties i had an experience that just really made me start deep thinking.


I had just dropped my sons to school and was rushing to get home so that i could get some bits in the house done before my energy levels dropped to zero.   So im driving and listening to some gospel as i do in the AM.  

As i got closer to home I became stuck behind a slow driver.  Now all my fellow drivers know exactly what i mean. That driver that simply grinds your gears because they clearly have nowhere to go and you do.  Those drivers that make you crane your head to see if they are behind a slow driver, only to realise they are just on their own thing. Yes, that driver that makes you use your horn excessively to vent your frustration.

And that was me.  I was doing all of the above and muttering to myself that this driver was being so annoying and just as I was about to beep my horn I stopped.  

I literally had my hand on the horn but couldnt beep it.  My spirit said to me that the driver in front of me was actually there for my protection!


I had encountered similar experiences before that had made me think twice but I guess I had not really been taking notice lately.  I have been simply ignoring certain areas of my spirit man and not utilising or tapping into it.  Now if you believe in your spiritual side or not im sure you can relate.  Some may refer to it as 'something just told me' or ' I dont know why but something led me to....'

At one point i had been so on point with my spirit man that i could sense things, and protect myself from many downfalls. However im guilty of allowing circumstances in life throw me off track.  


As i continued driving behind this slow slow car i began to simply thank Jah for the protection and covering.  Who knows what i had been protected from?  I could have sped along and crashed my car, I could have hit someone, I could have driven into danger.  Who knows.  I just know that my spirit was certainly working for my good that day.


Im not saying that there cant be annoying drivers or situations that just simply happen because people are annoying at times lol.  Im simply saying to think before you act.  Do not always assume that Jah isnt protecting you from things you cannot see or even imagine.  Stop rushing to nowhere and slow down enough to be able to hear your spirit advising and talking to you.   I have pledged to myself to make even more time to feed my spiritual side in order to be protected.


Next time you get 'that feeling', trust it and work with it.


Be Inspired