One of my goals for this year was to get fit and healthy.  Sounds like something over a million other people said on 1st January.  I genuinely meant it, not that they never but I just know that I did.

Being a mother to four children has taken more than a toll on my body.  I used to be slim.  All throughout school days and early adult years i was a size 8.  Despite having my first son at 18, then my second at 21, I still never gained weight.  Honestly there were many times where I wished that i could gain some weight, get a bigger bum, more shapely legs etc.  But clearly God made me that way for a reason.


Then it happened.  I gave birth to my fourth child and that wish came true.  I went from a size 8 to a size 12 in a matter of months. I of course loved it.  My backside was looking very round, so jeans were a joy to wear.  My legs the same.  I embraced it.  But with my weight came my untoned stomach.  Now please dont get me wrong this is my personal opinion of how i feel about my body.  I still love myself regardless.  


Now I joined a gym a while back and being such a busy mummy I wasnt able to be as consistent as I should have been.  So I fell off.  But now God has given me a fire and injected some motivation and energy into my body and im determind to get to where I want to be.


Nothing in life comes from not having to work for it.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  No pain No Gain.  If I want results I need to take action.  How in the world can we sit down and moan about our circumstances yet do little or nothing to adjust, improve or change it altogether?

I know for me that motivating myself is an issue.  I can do it for others all day long.  I can push others and encourage them but when it comes to self I fall short.   We need to be our own cheerleaders in life sometimes.  You have got to push and push until someting starts to change.


When I am working out I repeat that to myself.  If I stop now because im tired, hot, pained and fed up... then  how will I reach my goal? 

I pray and ask God to increase in me patience, will power and strength.  Through him we already know that everything is possible which alone is motivation.


So having said that, I have completed a 40 min workout today. whooooop whoooop.  Im tired but it was worth it.


Keep on keeping on, the race is not for the swift but those who can endure.


Be Inspired