You dont know what you have until...














Have you ever listened to a song and it put you in the mind of someone special?  Or have you watched a program or even just smelt something and it instantly reminds you of someone special?  I had that feeling today. 


Dear Aunty Maggie,


I would give anything to speak with you one last time.  To hear your infectious cheeky laugh one more time.  To hug you one more time. To hear your silver bangles jingle one last time.  You were more than a Godmother.  You were a friend, confidant and second mother to me.  I could come and talk to you about anything and you gave the best advice, mixed in with your jokes and empowerment.  

You were and still are loved by so many people, so dearly missed. But most of all you touched so many peoples lives and hearts with your loving nature and generousity.  Its no wonder you had so many God-children.

At my darkest times you spoke to me and shared details about your own life to uplift me.  Despite the Diabetes taking away the physical elements of you, your heart and humour always remained in tact.

Its not that i never knew what i had with you aunty, i guess its that i felt you would always be there.  I never imagined a life without being able to pick up the phone and call you.  I never imagined having to accept the fact that our time with you is over, and Jah now has his angel back with him.

Im so thankful to have had you in my life and i feel you always watching over me and my kings.  I will forever love you and cherish what you have taught me, the love that you showed me and the light you gave to my life.





I felt so emotional today because i miss my God-mother to no end.   I felt sad for a time and my  mind started to wander off and i thought about those people who take others for granted.  We can spend so much time arguing, fighting, being angry, not talking ....and then we realise how much time was wasted when we lose the person in some way.  

I did not speak to my God-mother for a few years prior to her passing.  I had an argument with my God-sister that escalated and it simply became easier to hold my corner than do anything else.  Although i did speak to my God-mother over the phone i never went to see her.  Something i regret very much now.

So you see as i write this my heart feels so heavy because there are so many things i wish i could have done different.  I now will never ger a chance to do those things.


Dont wait for time to stop you from making steps to remedy situations.  Dont let stupid arguments and fall outs leave you feeling deep regret.  

Cherish those people around you and make an effort to be in their lives, enjoy your time together.  Make an extra effort to pick up the phone and call or text, take that trip, make the time.

You just dont know what tomorrow brings!  Be grateful and cherish your family and friends.