The fire that never dies

Im gonna call this a mini heart blog. It may not be make great sense but im writing this from my heart.

There are some things in life that no matter where we go, or what we do, or who we meet, that never seem to leave us. Those things that pop up over and over, at times when you least expect it to.

Rewind back to 6 years ago I was an active church member, with confidence on 1000, a CIC built up my myself, incredible faith and trust in God to the fullest. I was baptised and felt secure, comfortable and most of all I felt safe.

I was able to hear clearly and my senses to energy was heightened when I was living my life with God at the forefront.

But then LIFE happened! And everything I had experienced and that feeling of knowing myself and being certain and safe slowly faded away more and more. I felt alone and depressed. Uncertain of what I was doing or meant to be going. I no longer felt a sense of peace In my spirit. As time went on I spent less and less time with God and more and more time being worldly.

I don’t know if you can relate to that feeling of, although I know its wrong im still continuing anyway because im so far in now!……………. That’s how I felt. Knowing that smoking, lack of self control, lack of spiritual feeding etc was only leading to a dark path but still I stayed on it. Suffering with depression and anxiety, but subconsciously knowing the reasons why and the only way to help myself.

To me its crazy how we can be fully aware of what we are doing wrong, but manage to somehow convince ourselves that there is justification for it.

But with all madness, there has to come a calm. A moment of clarity, when those lightbulbs all go off and you realise you are at a critical point where you need to invite change into your life.

I needed God and everything that came with. I needed to feel that sense of peace and love in my heart again. God was my moment of clarity. By placing a simple song in my heart, God let me know that he NEVER left me & he still LOVES me. I sang, prayed and praised God for the incredible amount of love and mercy he shows me each and every day.

I am BLESSED beyond belief! How can I even think about not having gratitude to God. How can I allow LIFE and all the rollercoasters that come with it, to harden my heart and make me stray from such a fulfilling path?

This post may or may not resonate with you and I pray it does. I know I am not the only person who has felt like they have lost their way from God at some point. I like to think that God makes allowances for you drifting away because the world is set up with endless pitfalls, because the main thing is you come back to God.

I want this post to encourage you today to know that God is NEVER far from you even when you may feel that he has gone and your alone.

Gods LOVE and GRACE is an unlimited supply…. Go get you some!!! Its not based on conditions or limitations. You don’t have to buy it ( and I know we all love a freebie!!)

And most of all it WILL change your entire life!

I am on this journey and walk with God for life.

As always thank you for reading & let me know your thoughts xx