How strong are you really

I often tell myself off after I allow other people to temporarily steal my joy, irritate me or hurt me. 

I know my journey and I know where I’ve been, currently stand and am heading to. I have had no other option but to be tough and be strong with enduring everything I have so far. So why when I’ve managed to place myself in a position in life that I’m actually comfortable and looking forward to my future, would I allow anyone to spoil that even slightly?  I’ve battled some very tough battles and ALWAYS come out stronger than before, ive literally hit rock bottom and had to pull myself back up.  I know exactly how strong I am because only a woman with strength can reflect on her life, recognise mistakes,make better choices, fight to walk in her purpose,inspire others, still smile and have a heart of love, all while raising 4 sons!Don’t allow anyone to steal even a flash of your light! I see many people proclaim to be strong and bulletproof but still are quick to meltdown when people treat them a way. How strong are you? Has your journey even been worth it? Don’t get me wrong I’m still human and I will react to things, but I’m training myself mentally to swiftly snap out of that.  When I start to feel anger or upset etc I remind myself of my journey and who I was called to be! Do you really think The Almighty would bless me with the task of raising 4 sons if I was a weak woman! 


It’s not easy but take each day at a time and consciously make a point when your getting away from your positive energy alignment, to remind yourself just how strong you are. 



''Grannys Died'', followed by a stream of tears.  For me it felt like time stood still and everything went silent.  The words I had been dreading for so long have now come to pass.  Dementia I hate you.


Losing a loved one is never easy.  For me it felt as though everything stopped making sense.  Yeah we know its the cycle of life and all that but nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you for that news.  My grandmother was so much more than that, she doubled up as another parent, a wisdom giver, comforter and confidant.  It's impossible to imagine life without those elements.  She loved me in such a way that I couldn't even if I tried to compare it and I loved her just as much.


It will be a whole month since she passed and not a single day has gone by where I don't think about her, or pray to God for strength to learn to accept she has gone.  Its just as hard now as it was a month ago maybe even worse.  One thing I know I cannot do and will not do is to give up because my Gran was a true fighter through so much, but she always maintained, and always held her family down.  


Her death put things into perspective for me and made me realise I'm wasting time.  (Its so cliché when someone dies clarity takes a front row seat and our perspective on life, relationships and ourselves change)  It's like my mind has no other option but to think differently.  I'm now thinking much more long-term rather than just the next few months or years.  I'm putting procrastination to bed and pushing myself harder than ever before. It's the thought of not pushing myself to reach my dreams, not leaving a solid foundation for my 4 sons, not living my best life..... 


People have been telling me that time is a healer, but then what is time? We have no idea how much time we have left, when our time is up, when the 'grim reaper' comes to swoop us up, but yet i must rely on time to heal this pain?  Seems like a catch 22 to me.  Maybe one day I will figure it out but for now I vow to myself and my beautiful sons to live my best and most fulfilling life possible and in turn create a lasting legacy for my children to understand that while we are here, playing this game of life (lets be real its all a game), to play it well.  I don't know much about time but I know for certain my gran left a lasting imprint in my memory, heart and soul that cannot ever leave me.

For that I'm ever grateful, humbled and determined to make her proud.


She Inspires 









Hi and welcome to my blog.  I am super excited and nervous at the same time to be finally writing a blog.  I decided to write a blog mainly to inspire and motivate others who, like i often feel,a little deflated.  I guess with so many life experiences it can sometimes be hard to focus on the positives in life.
Im a 31 year old mother of 4 sons.  I have experienced many life altering experiences that could for some mark the end of new positivity as we know it!

I suppose much of my focus and positivity comes from knowing that whatever I

I face God is always there to uplift me.  Now I know that not everyone believes in God or a higher being.  I however am living proof that God can and will turn your tests into major testimonies to help aid others who are going through something.  Just the knowledge that I have someone who will love me unconditionally, will never turn their back on me or deceive me like mankind do is enough to give me the strength to continue.  Despite every set back i have had, God has shown me not only how to bounce back but how to also use these set backs as a way to support and encourage others.

Instead of simply writing my life story and babbling on i will explore each of my life altering moments in upcoming blogs and hopefully be able to give someone else hope and encouragement, advice and support. 

Im simply a down to earth woman that has something to say and share with others to inspire.

Welcome to Sheinspiresyou.